Bergen Bowmen's 50th Anniversary
February 3, 2003
50 years and still going.....

Over the years as times have changed, the Bergen
Bowmen have weathered many things such as were
we held our meetings, shoots and Venison Dinners.
Through it all we have continued…..

As we celebrated our 50th Anniversary that night,
many of the newest members (5 that night joined)
and some who had been members for only a few
years began to realize the strength of the club and
the common bond was stronger than never. As we
spent time sharing memories, old pictures and other
memorabilia, all the members went home with a
renewed sense of dedication and commitment.

Several years ago the Bergen Bowmen started to
realize the dedication and commitment that the
longtime members had to the club and created a life
membership (in 1995). It was decided that any
member who put 25 years in would become a life
member, but up until this year only a handful have
reached the 25 year mark. Among them past officers
of the club (5 of them), and one, a current officer. In
the next few years though, several of our members
will have put in 25 years, a growing testament to the
club longevity. As of this year we have developed a
Lifetime Membership certificate and a special Life
Membership card for this reason.
What a bunch.
We barely got everyone in the picture.
The Celebration Cake and well deserved. We are the
only archery club in Bergen County that has made it
this far. The Ottawa Bowmen, Oradell Archers, and
Sumi Bowmen all have disbanded. Wo-Pe-Na, another
archery group, is still around, but has not been around
as long
From Left to Right (back row): Al Sabino, Bruce Rapp
(current President),Doug Reynolds, Harry Kuhles and
Joel Riotto.
Front Row: Frank Kuhles, John Simpson and