Bergen Bowmen Bulletin

Along about 1956 the club membership saw a need for communication to our
growing membership.

was up in the air. An approach was made to someone from DITTO, INC. from
Lodi as to the availability of a used duplicating machine.

It was not but a few weeks later that Len Hill, the manager of DITTO, came
through with a used machine, paper, duplicating fluid and stationary for the
club. Within a year the DITTO property became available for use as our
outdoor shooting range, all through the graces of Len Hill and DITTO.

Harry Kuhles was the orginal editor of the Bergen Bowmen Bulletin from it's
inception untill 1960. Hank Johnson took over the editorship until 1964 when
Harry took it over again. Al Sabino was editor from 1975 until 1994 when
Kathrine Bombace took over for a brief few months and had to turn the
editorship over to Jack Spoto. Jack turned out the bulletin until end of 1999 at
which point it was published by Joann Mills for three months before returning
to Kathrine Bombace Surlak in March 2000. Kathrine turned the presses over
to Joan Mills in August 2008 and at some point the Bulletin was no longer
being published. In January 2017 the Bulletin began being published by Kathy
Bombace again. We are grateful to have the Bulletin back again.

Our Newsletter, the Bergen Bowmen Bulletin is a life line that keeps the
members informed as to what is happening at the monthly meetings, in our
state and in the country. Input is always welcomed from our members and
many members have contributed articles over the years. The Bulletin initially
was only available to club members through the mail. In November 2004 it
became available through email delivery.

As of July 2005, the membership of the Bergen Bowmen have decided to
available to the on-line public. Bulletins are published and available by around
the 20th of each month.
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