NASP/Youth Archery
Currently we only perform archery exhibits in the Bergen/Passaic area from May to
September in the calendar year. We have all of the necessary equipment (youth
bows, arrows, arm guards, caution tape and  backstops) to perform exhibits either
at a school facility or at the Campgaw Archery Range in Mahwah in New Jersey. We
have performed exhibits for groups as small as 9 people and as large as 150
participants. Usually the exhibits are done on a Thursday or Friday night or
Saturday/Sunday during the day.

As a certified NASP Recreational Group, we follow the NASP program of teaching
which is very similar to how we have always taught archery, but without the balloons.
Instead bullseye targets are used. Most students hit the targets in the bullseye area
within a few tries and certainly get excited if they manage to get the X in the center of
the target.

They see some club members take a few shots at the targets to get an idea of what
they are about to take part in. Some of the participants have shot before, but some
are new. We treat all as if they have not shot a bow at all, we assume nothing.

If you have an interest in having the Bergen Bowmen provide archery
exhibition/instruction for your group please contact us we would be happy to instruct
your group.

In The Past

We go over how the bow came about; the evolution of the bow from long bow to
recurve to the compound bow of today. We covered the types of archery as well as it
being an Olympic Sport. Safety. The respect for the bow and arrow is also covered
and stressed. The group is shown how an archer stands and how to properly shoot
the bow to shoot accurately. Several times if opportunity allows we have done a
shoot off of balloon tic-tac-toe (the children pick the two members to shoot it out).
The children love to watch and really see some shooting fun.

We then pin a large amount of balloons as 'targets' on the foam backstop for the
children to shoot at. Even if they may not have the best of aim at least they have a
chance at popping a balloon and they feel a sense of accomplishment. It is fun to
see the surprise and excitement in a child eye's to be able to shoot a bow.

The very act of shooting a bow is great for concentration,
self-esteem/self-accomplishment and is great for hand/eye coordination
Pictures from a Past Shoot Exhibit when we did them in schools
Pictures above are from a 2018 Ramapo
College event held on July 20, 2018