About Us

A scattered group of archery enthusiasts got
together on a cold day in February 1953 to
talk about organizing an archery club.

The meeting was held  in the old library
building at Maywood and Passaic Street in
Maywood. The building has since been torn
down and a small park is in it's place.

No one knew the direction the Club would
take on that day. All those who attended
knew that there was a need to share their  
fledgling sport of archery with others.
There were not only bow hunters, but there
was interest from target shooters as well.

It may be interesting to note that licensing for
bow hunters had begun only five years prior
in 1948.

And so the BERGEN BOWMEN Archery Club
was formed...

Harry Kuhles, Charter member, First
President and First Bulletin Editor
From our 25th Anniversary Bulletin
Earliest Known Membership Photograph

Back Row left to right:
Ed Nickerson, George Polman, Frank Clines,
Irwin Bassford

In Front: Joe Clines and Harry Kuhles

(Note: Of the six, George Polmen was not a founding
member, the sixth founding member was Frank
Over 64 years the club has grown and
developed from six people to around ninety or

We invite you to come to a meeting or attend
an event. Our members are more than happy
to answer any questions you may have about
the organization and how you can join.

We are a still mixed group of people. We are of a number of origins and many more occupations
with a common bond - archery.

We take up the bow because we love it. Friends may rib us, but they have never held a bow back
and seen an arrow fly to it's destination as we have.
And the bond of friendship is there among our members, because of our love for the bow and the

Some of our members fish, some gun-hunt. Sometimes at a meeting an outsider might wonder if we
are a group of anything BUT archers.

But the bow binds us together and we are happier for it.

Our Future......
The Future of the Bergen Bowmen is lost in the pages of the coming years.

As our area grows, we must protect that right to shoot the bow by always making sure that we have
a place to shoot. And that is why we work with the Bergen County Park Commission to maintain the
Campgaw Mt. Archery Range in Mahwah, to ensure that a place exists for our club and any other
archer who wants to shoot there.

We must protect our right to hunt with a bow, a right which is currently under attack by anti-hunting
groups. The Bergen Bowmen have organized with other archery groups and individuals to provide
a united front for this purpose.

We should and do involve our families in our sport, for in our children are the roots of tomorrows
Bergen Bowmen archers.

And the public should know us too. We must acquaint them with us, make them aware that we are
not using the toy store hickory bow and suctioned cupped arrows. They should have the
opportunity to handle the good equipment we use and have a chance to shoot it. For the
uninformed public will be our greatest foe when anti-hunting forces are made to say, "There is no
place to shoot a bow and arrow."

Let us hope, pray and work that we will always be able to use the bow and arrow. That the heritage
of the bow and arrow and the Bergen Bowmen legacy lives on......
50th Anniversary held in February 2003